Stay at the Lighthouse

At Landego Lighthouse you can stay overnight in both the lighthouse keeper's house and in the assistant's house.

The accommodation is simple, but the bed is good, and the sleep thereafter. You will find the absolute peace at the lighthouse.

To get the whole experience, we recommend that you get up early. Get up before breakfast, get yourself a coffee cup, go out into the courtyard, around the barn and just enjoy the silence ...

We have 14 bedrooms with a total of 34 beds. Some rooms are double rooms, while other rooms have multiple beds.

The rooms are all decorated in the lighthouse style. Here, all keepers have, over the years, or perhaps most lighthouse keepers wives, taken their things from their time and their homes. This allows you to find fun and weird combinations of things, colors and patterns in every room.

In the Lighthouse's living room we serve breakfast, and here you will also find dinner for smaller parties.


"It is not like staying in a luxury hotel in London, but there is no one who want that. Here you want it real"
- Arne Hjeltnes