Meet at the Lighthouse

Sometimes the most important thing is that everyone is focused.

At Landego Lighthouse we have several rooms that fit well to have a meeting. And we promise that out here you are sure your participants will stay. No one can go in another meeting, or take the lunch at the cafe, here they are until you finish.
We do not have wifi at Landego Lighthouse, but very good 4G+


Perhaps the most famous vessels in the coast adorn the walls of the barn. Here, all the Hurtigruten from the Vesteraalen that sailed from 1893 to Richard With sailing today found their place on the walls.
In the barn we can have 50 many people have a meeting.
We have canvas and projector in Fjøsen.

Conference meals

During the meeting day, some refills are needed and we have fruit, coffee, tea and water available all day, but also delicious freshly made waffles for the break.
We serve lunch, of course, if you wish.


If you are not in a hurry to get to town, or you are going to stay overnight at the lighthouse, then we will be happy to serve you dinner.


Nothing is so good to get the academic content to stick to your guests mind, as a real activity. We can arrange different activities for you, and are happy to talk about what can suit exactly your group.

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