Arctic Dome

Arctic Dome is our newest addition to our outdoor-products

2018-11-1313:13 Anne-Stine Gjervoldstad

Here we have been innovative, and aim now that Bodø will be able to offer great Northern Light experience.

We have our Domes rigged at the "View-spot" in Geitvågen, where we will make small, and larger events, all with the Northern Light experience in focus.

We are constantly working to make good experiences, so the Domes will be used by us, and several of our good partners, this fall and winter.

In the film, the Domes is on Løp outside Bodø, while the location of the year will be more sheltered for traffic and other lighting.

If you are looking forward to visiting the Domes, please contact us at booking@skagen-hotel.no, or give us a call at +47 75 51 91 00.