Landego Lighthouse is an experience in itself, but if you are going to visit the lighthouse for several days, we can recommend some activities.

We can help you with most things. So we find it important that you ask us, and we will together find something that suits you and your group.

Some need active activities, while others need to work well together. We have arranged a lot, so just ask us.

Here are some examples:

Food course with Sindre (group-collaboration)

We can arrange a food course with buldt-in competition among the participants where we divide into three teams. The food is prepared on Muurikkapanner on the fire, and each team must deal with the equipment to light fires along with kitchen utensils and bonfire.

You will also receive boxes of raw materials that Sindre presents to you with good advice on preparing the daily menu. Sindre is the main judge and ensures that the winner is among the teams who also receive a prize.

Archipelago experiences in the sea eagle's kingdom with RIB safari (wind in the hair)

At a two-day stay at Landego Lighthouse, we gladly arrange for visits to one or more of the area's active fishing villages such as Landegode and Helligvær. Here you can together experience the peculiar and warm atmosphere and the sometimes pulsating life on the quay that characterizes these fishing communities.

During the journey, of course, the fishing luck is tried out and we are more than happy to arrange a fishing competition.

One of the world's largest sea eagle populations is found in the area around Landego Lighthouse. It is a very special experience from the boat to throw out fish for this majestic bird of prey.

Kjerringøy (history)

An hour by boat from Landego Lighthouse you will find Hamsund's fairy tale kingdom, where everyday life through centuries of rough society is lived through in short flashes.

If you take the guided tour at Kjerringøy Gamle Handelssted it is almost as you can still hear the laughter of the maids in the bathroom of old Mack.