Our meeting rooms

We know how important it is that everything is in order when arranging courses or meetings. Therefore, we always have one of our hosts present. We also help with planning and facilitation in advance if desired.

We want all our guests to have a pleasant experience when they choose to book courses and conferences with us. Therefore, we have emphasized good chairs in our meeting rooms, because we know that the meeting participants do better when they are fine.

We also use to say that our largest meeting room - is located down the road. We cooperate well with Stormen Concert Hall and can hold meetings and conferences there for up to 800 people. The capacity of the in-house meeting rooms varies from 2 to 60 people. If you wish, we also have group rooms available.

Day package

Our day package includes meeting room rental with projector, wireless internet, pen, paper, as well as coffee, tea, ice water, fruit and a coffee break with cake in addition to today's lunch.

If desired, the room can be made available some time before the start of the meeting so that you can prepare before the participants arrive.
We also recommend giving the participants a small break in the course program. In order to give a small break in the course day, we can carry out a small activity to increase the participants' energy level. Please ask us for suggestions.

Our meeting rooms:


Salten is our largest meeting room with a capacity of up to 60 people in cinema. If you want a classroom layout, we have room for 44 persons.

The meeting room has large windows, with a patio outside, so here you can take the coffee break in the sun if you wish.

Outside Salten we have a break area with armchairs and sofas, and piano.

Technical equipment at Salten:

  • Projector
  • Surround Sound
  • Wireless Internet


Nordland is the second largest meeting room we have and is located right by our reception lounge. Here we have a photo exhibition of Ronny Østnes' rough photos from the home place in Lofoten.

The meeting room has a capacity of 30 people in classrooms, and 24 people in horseshoe.

Technical equipment at Nordland:

  • Projector
  • Surround Sound
  • Wireless Internet


Landego is the meeting room that is adjacent to the rest area of ​​Salten.

Here there is room for 10 people. The room is often used as a group room for meetings at Salten, but fits very well also as a meeting room.

Technical equipment at Landego:

  • Large flat screen TV
  • Wireless Internet

The brewery

The brewery is right behind the Salten. Here there is room for 8 people around the table

Technical equipment at the brewery:

  • Wireless Internet


This group room is in Tandberggården's old garage. Here we can accommodate 6 people.

Technical equipment on Bjørnøya:

  • Wireless Internet


Our latest group room is called Mjelle and is named after Terje Nilsen's song. Here we have gathered some of our pictures with Terje in action.

Technical equipment at Mjelle:

  • Wireless Internet