Let us help you with the confirmation-celebration.

The Day of Confirmation is a day where one should put the youth in focus, and many need some help with practical things. Such as cooking.

Every year we at Skagen Hotel deliver the food for several confirmations in and around Bodø.

Our confirmation menu takes into account that this is a family holiday where young people meet old and tradition meets fashion. Therefore, our confirmation menu is a mix of classic cold tables and our lovely tapas.

Classic dishes

Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs
Honey glazed entrecote, (roast beef on our way)
Tomato salad with olives and feta cheese
Green salad with arugula

Tapas dishes

Chicken skewers marinated in Greek way
Marinated delusions
Chorizo ​​sausage and garlic bread on skewers
Grilled asparagus with bacon ham
potato salad
Curry in lefse
Aioli and tzatziki

Hot dish

Homemade meatballs in salsa sauce
Chicken wok with egg noodles


If desired, we can replace one or more dishes with something else. Just ask.

Minimum ordering of catering for confirmation is for 15 people.