Company outings

Here are some examples of how a trip to Landego Lighthouse can be set up.

Evening trip (for groups from 15 to 80 people)

At 18:00: The tour starts in a boat out from the quay in Bodø. Here we can provide either an open boat or an closed boat - we arrange what suits your guests. On the way out, the experience starts with a view towards the north of Bodø with the mountains Børvasstindene in the background and Landegode on the other. Well on the lighthouse is our host and welcomes.

Before dinner we take a historical tour and gladly offer a trip up the tower! You are then considered as an imaginary lighthouse by Landego Lighthouse.

So to the highlight of the evening: The seafood-buffet of the lighthouse has been on our menu since we started our operations in 1994 and are constantly evolving. An alternative is to order the lighthouse seafood tapas - guaranteed an experience!

We gladly assist to spice up the event and have several suggestions for entertainment whether it be troubadours, bands, quiz or humor elements.

At 23:00: Its time to return to Bodø. The boat back takes approximately 1 hour depending on the type of boat.

Meetings and courses with accommodation (for 10 to 34 people)

On the boatride to the lighthouse we can also add fishing and other activities that bring the group together.

In the barn - our largest meeting room - its not like a hotel in Bodø or London but on real lighthousematter you can get your meeting arranged. We have some technical equipment and group work can be arranged with a large number of group rooms (boathouse, the livingroom and the diningroom)

Lunch is served during the day with associated coffee breaks with something to bite into.

NB! You are not to go around hungry when at the Landego Lighthouse!

When the meeting day is over, we can tempt you with activities such as deep sea rafting, deep sea fishing and swimming in warm bathing tub. Dinner is served with warmth and soul and we often put together a menu that is a bit out of the ordinary.

Day 2:
We recommend taking a light walk and enjoying the rich bird life on the island, wich is named "Eggløysa". Enjoy the tranquility and peace, and if there is bad weather then we have a hot coverall for you to borrow.

Afterwards, there is breakfast, meeting and lunch before heading home.