Meetings and events

We have many years of experience in arranging meetings, conferences, parties and fun for small, large and very large groups.

If you need tips and help on how to make the conference memorable, or you want to work with someone with experience, who can also arrange everything for you, then it might be worthwhile to talk to us.

We can take care of everything from food and drink, technical equipment, lighting, flowers, music and entertainment. Everything is planned in close cooperation with you as an organizer, so that it becomes a successful event.

Food and drink

Food and drink is always an important part of an event. We also think it is important that the food and drink fit together and that this fits with the theme of your event.

Technical equipment

Here it can be challenging to know what you need and what is available. We have partners like Lydteamet.
To mention something you might need a stage, speakers, moltoncarpets, percussion, disco ball, smoke machine or triangle. We know where to get it.

Music and entertainment

We have long experience and many contacts so that we can ensure that the entertainment of your event is exactly the way you want.

We gladly provide troubadours, bands, standups, choirs, toastmasters or conferences.

Flowers and Decor

What is a party without flowers and decor? Many want professional guidance so that the decoration becomes a part of the whole arrangement.

We work with skilled and reputable suppliers who have extensive experience with decorations for special occasions. We stretch far for the event to be as beautiful as possible.

Some of what we've done

We have been fortunate to have gained the confidence to host the IA conference for the NAV "Working Life Center" for many years. This conference has in recent years had over 500 participants. We have been responsible for everything for serving the conference, as well as renting and setting up tables and chairs for everyone who wants lunch.

PBL is an organization we have had the pleasure of cooperating with in "every year". Here we have, among other things, arranged the annual Leadership Conference, which includes two days of full conference reservation in Stormen Concert Hall, as well as a lavvo-arrangement, as a "kick-off" the day before the conference.